WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. check http://wordpress.org/ for details.

Initially tried export-import using plugins, since categories & pages are complicated the migration was failure and later worked out a better & developer way :).

Following are the steps involved  in moving WordPress from one server to another server,
Before proceeding with migrating procedures i seriously suggest to take backup of all your wordpress files and database, so that we always have a Plan B in our hand.

Here am taking an example of moving my wordpress site from oldsitename.com/blog to newsitename.com

1. Take http://oldsitename.com/blog/wp-admin/, Login and Click Settings->General in admin menu(http://oldsitename.com/wp-admin/) and Update,

  1. WordPress address (URL)  :- WordPress installation directory. Change http://oldsitename.com/blog/ to http://newsitename.com
  2. Site address (URL) :- Site home page, can be same as wordpress directory. Change http://oldsitename.com/blog to http://newoldsitename.com

2. Copy wp-admin, wp-content, & wp-includes folders from http://oldsitename.com/blog/ to http://newsitename.com/ directory.

3. Copy all the files with name starting  wp-*.php from http://oldsitename.com/blog/ to http://newsitename.com/.

3. Now rename .htaccess to .htaccess-bck in http://newsitename.com/ and copy .htaccess file from http://oldsitename.com/blog/ to http://newsitename.com/. Now open .htcaccess and change ./blog to ./ and copy required contents from .htaccess-bck to .htaccess.

4. Open wp-config.php,  change /blog to ./ and newsitename.com to oldsitename.com where ever you find.

5.  All the required file changes are done. Now its database changes that we need to do. Easiest method is export all tables to a script file (database.sql). Open database.sql in text editor, Now Find http://oldsitename.com/blog/ and replace it with http://newsitename.com.

Now your new site should be up and ready to run in your location. And we can access your site with http://newsitename.com/ and site admin can be accessed using http://newsitename.com/wp-admin. Also these steps can be used to migrate your wordpress website from domain to another domain or from one folder to another in the same domain or different domain.

Happy  Browsing.

If not running as expected post a comment i will try to fix your site for FREE 🙂

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